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DESCRIPTION The STEELPRO by Hutter Protection vertical lifeline in encapsulated rope, designed for fall arrest applications, offers an effective and cost-effective solution with high ease of installation and inspection. CHARACTERISTICS Vertical Lifeline made of 16 mm polyester rope with braided shielding, 220 filaments also used as a static rope. Structural 2 1/4” carabiner in forged steel with a resistance of 22.2 KN with a double lock closure and eye on the rope at the other end to apply a counterweight. Complies with OSHA Recommendations. The anchor point must have a minimum breaking load of 5000 lbf. Used with auto lock slider for 16mm rope. APPLICATION • Fall Arrest • Fall Restraint WARNING All installation, assembly, and use of vertical lifelines must be performed under the supervision of a qualified person. Using the equipment in the wrong applications could result in serious injury or even death. Anchorage points must be rigid and capable of supporting a minimum load of 5,000 lbs/ 2270kg /22kn.. MAINTENANCE, CLEANING AND STORAGE It is important to clean the equipment after use to maintain the safety and longevity of the product. Remove all dirt, corrosive materials, and contaminants from the Horizontal Lifeline Rope System before and after each use. Use water with a little mild soap, then rinse and dry with a cloth. NEVER clean horizontal lifeline rope systems with corrosive products. When not in use, store the equipment where it will not suffer the effects of heat, light, excess moisture, chemicals, or other degrading elements. USE Before use, read and understand all manufacturer's instructions provided with the equipment at the time of shipment.
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