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Brady Bbp33 Label Printer

Original price $574.200,00 - Original price $574.200,00
Original price $574.200,00
$820.400,00 - $820.400,00
Current price $820.400,00
The new Bbp33 printer will allow you to automatically configure labels and calibration.

You will not waste more labels. The sensor adjusts automatically. There is no need to specify the type of consumable being used. No more trial and error for print speed and burn temperature. It is not necessary to configure the label measurements in the software. No need to import patches for label files into the software

Fast material changes: Complete ribbon and label changes in as little as 20 seconds. Ribbon cartridges and inflatable label. Slide the cartridge into the printer, secure it and start writing, that's all you need to do. There is no need to wind the ribbon around spools and print heads. The ink side of the ribbon is always on the correct side. Easy to handle cartridges that won't unroll or get damaged.

Print on the label: No more label waste, even on sleeves. No sensor calibration, alignment, or adjustment is required before printing. Save labels and money.

Impressive Materials Lineup: With over 425 parts and 39 materials, this printer covers all your major labeling needs and more.
SKU 200R6413

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