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Emergency shower and eyewash in stainless steel cl001i

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The Cl-001i model is a shower and eyewash equipment with flower and sink, in stainless steel. The eye/face wash spray nozzles are made of ABS plastic, with protective caps that open upwards, against small debris, insects, and chemical products. The tubes and connections are in stainless steel. The shower is manually operated, through a stainless steel triangular handle, it works with a stainless steel push plate. To do this, the injured party will have to pull the "triangular handle" downwards, and get under the shower head, press the "push plate" backwards, placing their eyes in front of the eyewash spray nozzles. The fixing of the equipment is in the disc of the base, to the floor of the chosen place, with screws or bolts. The water inlet and outlet connections of the equipment are part of the fixing. The union of the equipment sets is threaded and glued. When assembling the installation, sealing tape can be used to waterproof the threads. The equipment's water supply is with a 1in bsp thread (British Standard Pipe – Standard thread for British pipes) and the drain outlet is with a 3/4in npt thread (American conical thread for pipes). Together with the equipment we send an installation and assembly manual. The eyewash basin has a diameter of 290mm, and the flower of the shower a diameter of 270mm. The CL-001i model complies with the specifications of the American standard Ansi/Isea z358. 1-2009 on Emergency Showers and Eyewashes.
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