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Pelican Lantern 1975

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  • Safety Certified, Class I, II, III, Division 1
  • Slim and strong design
  • 117 lumens
  • Rear switch for occasional or continuous use
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Helmet Base

The slim and powerful flashlight for dangerous areas. With Class I II III Division 1 certification, 117 blindingly bright lights, and the size and shape of an actual pen, the new Pelican™ 1975 Flashlight is the slimmest, brightest flashlight ever safety approved. Engineered with an aluminum core and ABS overmolded plastic, the Pelican™ 1975 Flashlight can survive harsh work environments, yet is slim enough to fit into the available helmet mount or clamp with the teeth. The Pelican™ 1975 Flashlight is activated with a click of the rear switch or a light press for momentary use. The Pelican™ 1975 Flashlight: Your Best Companion in Hazardous Areas

SKU 1975

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